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Online dating abbreviations list, a list of dating-related acronyms to refer to

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BI means bi-sexual, and G means gay. If they occasionally indulge in recreational drugs, they will let you know by putting a somewhere in their description. Man For Man M4W: Usually non-smokers indicate that they are seeking a fellow non-smoker.

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Fat Female Admirer FS: ISO means in search of. Social drinkers or light drinkers identify themselves with a SD or LD.

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Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms A: These seemingly random combinations of letters can tell you a lot about an individual, but you need to figure out what they mean first.

Religious affiliation is indicated similarly.

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Here is a long list of the most commonly used online dating abbreviations and acronyms. Dominance and Subminssion DTE: Usually, straight individuals will not use any special abbreviations to let you know that they are heterosexual.

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Real Time Sex S: In addition to letting you know a little bit about themselves, online daters use abbreviations to let you know what type of person they are looking for. Sexual Orientation There are also online dating abbreviations that explain sexual preference.

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MM stands for marriage minded, so you should only contact that individual if you are ready for a very long term commitment. Long Term Relationship M4M: Married But Looking MC: You or Yours YO: Did we miss any online dating abbreviations?

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Willing To Relocate Y: If you know of any more then please let us dating abbreviations list using the Comments form below. Think of these online dating abbreviations like little clues that need to be deciphered.

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Others are looking for something even more serious. SI means that they want someone with similar interests.

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Also Known As AL: Single Christian Male SD: Gay Black Male GC: Before Anyone Else BB: Well Endowed yeah — right! A D on a profile usually means divorced. For Your Information G: Just Be Yourself K: Tall Dark and handsome TG: Down to Earth DTR: Frequently Asked Questions F2F: Married Men or Marriage Minded be sure to determine which!

Years Old Did we miss any online dating abbreviations? One abbreviation that is showing up more frequently on dating sites is GGG.

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