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Get matched up with the right payment processing solution for your online dating site with a merchant account solution from The Transaction Group TTG and our partners. Do you have tools to help accept credit cards? Merchant Accounts for Online Dating Sites The increasing popularity of online communication has turned our planet into a little global village. Apart from helping people from different parts of the world freely communicate and develop romantic relationship, these sites offer their members a wide range of other advantages, as privacy of communication, opportunity to send flowers and presents etc.

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In order to process online payments it is necessary opening online dating merchant accounts. In recent news companies like Ashley Madison have been hacked and their relationships exposed.

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A very common occurrence in the world of online dating are chargebacks. Increase your sales and profits in a competitive market where customers demand payment flexibility. By opening an online merchant account and by getting an opportunity to process credit card payments, you will easily keep up with the demands of modern e-commerce world.

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Banks and processors do not allow high chargeback rates for a business. Its unfortunate, but dating and matchmaker services have been routinely flagged as "high risk" due to the nature of service and the chargeback ratios. Online dating credit card processing is important to these business types: Express Application Industry type. Even if you have less than perfect credit, we can help.

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If you are interested in discovering all that High Risk Solutions has to offer in the world of online dating payment processing, take a moment to click and expand on each available section below. In order to succeed in this type of business, it is crucial to offer unique services that will arrest the attention of people of various age groups.

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Regardless of whether your online dating services are niche-oriented or subscription based, the perfect merchant account solution can be provided to you by High Risk Solutions. Meet the perfect match for your credit card processing needs including taking cards like visa mastercard amex and discover. We have apps for all 3! At TTG, our business depends on whether or not our clients are satisfied with our services. These banks are fully aware of exactly what high-risk merchants need. We regularly set up bad credit merchants with services to take credit cards.

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Get the dating credit card processing for Online Dating Websites! Articles Read All Articles. It is a fact that Internet users prefer registering with dating sites that offer multiple payment options and accepting various types of currencies. Must-reads for online dating merchants Chargebacks are common in the online dating industry for several reasons.

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High Risk Solutions has been providing professional merchant services to high-risk datings credit card processing since Our underwriters and merchant account managers vet merchant websites thoroughly before offering a merchant account solution. Merchant Accounts Internet Merchant Accounts. What I Have Learned. One site, BeautifulPeople, caters specifically to the genetically blessed and actually came under fire for dropping members after their holiday photos revealed some plumping up post Turkey Day.

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Our deep understanding of businesses considered high risk for credit card processing, allow us to offer innovative that make your dating business grow. Call forwarding and message relay companies are not used by High Risk Solutions at this time.

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By starting to accept different types of currencies, you will make a paying process much easier for your customers, as they will get an opportunity to pay you with the type of currency they have. Company name, total sales, chargebacks, refunds and returns Appropriate documents of incorporation Approvals: Take advantage of our low rates and save money on your monthly processing costs with our affordable. Once you offer people quicker and easier payment options, you will soon discover the increase in the number of customers.

Be sure to make a small calculation to find out whether or not you have enough money to hire people for the job.