Online dating girl gives you her number Girl Gives You Her Number—The truth about when to call her revealed

Online dating girl gives you her number, girl gives you her number—the truth about when to call her revealed

Mike, Just go for it again.

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If a girl hits you or talks shit to you cause she's a bitchhow would you react afterwards? How do I fix it? Sirch, It's only creepy if you think it's creepy. Nice ass, nice boobs, nice bodyshape?

It also works as an open but unspoken invitation: I start off by doing Jumping Jacks, running, or just doing some random movement that gets my blood moving. I say you dating girl gives you her number her a love letter and toss it in the ocean Additionally, If I'm actually interested enough to give a guy a number, I ask him to text right away that way 'I have your number too'.

Unless you are a social pro, the DON'T! What does the girl has to have?


My gf is dtf but she doesnt come to my house cause she says "it's not by my principles I mean should it be in the morning If you text me, I'm probably going to text you back unless it's just 'hello' or something offensiveso ending your text with '… text me. Should he not just text?

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I love your channel, but the problem I'm running into is that I'm still in highschool and I work and play sports and all sorts of other semi social activities that don't involve girls, so I am stuck with a certain set of girls. You got her number, what do you give in return? Workplace Dating—Tips for dealing with potential romance in the workplace.

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Hopefully she gave you the benefit of the doubt. She actually liked that he made himself clear.

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What if she doesnt get the message. I'm not rude to ugly girls either. As a man, you need to still make her feel good about your interactions. This isn't rocket science.

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You guys got awesome game. Would you stick to her and give up pickup which i assume is very important for youor would you keep her waiting until you're ready to settle down definitively?

So I Texted an apology to her the next day and she was cool with it. What the hell should he do????


If what you're doing makes you happy and you're getting laid because of it. When you first meet the girl tell her that she should text you if she wants to hang out.

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In our Project GO video we talk about Down Talk and having full emotions with it, but the idea is to have inflections but say it with force.