Online dating not interested Online Dating Etiquette: Not Interested, Here’s What to Say

Online dating not interested

It's not rude at all.

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This is a waste of energy for both people. Nobody ever sent me a message just to say "no thanks".

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X - but occasionally, if they sent a thoughtful and well-written initial message, I'd respond with a "I just started seeing someone, but thanks, and good luck!

Give them one chance to do the "Aww but I'm so awesome you'll love me" shtick, say "No thank you" again, and block them. Hey, I think this is great advice from Evan. Good luck with dating!

It goes without saying that you should be wary of anyone you meet online who seems overly pushy to meet up straight away. I have been on the sending side of personalized messages on OKC quite a few times. To an extent, this is true. I like to say that there is seldom a better time than now to tell someone what is true for you, especially if that truth has consequences for the other person.

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It's not rude to simply not respond. Thanks AllenB, I highly appreciate your answer to me!

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Wait a few months before trying again. He finds you attractive. I hate to be rude too, but let's face it: I know you'll like me.

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And every single woman on your dating site knows… Read More… Do you rely on people to write to you online? It's not even rude's second cousin. What should I say?

Someone confused is NOT good relationship material and waiting on them is an ineffective strategy, as Evan would say. The following line is pretty darn effective but only use it as a last resort: Most men on online dating sites will continue to pursue you until you block them or tell them to fuck off.

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What is discourteous and soul-crushing to you is courteous and a non-issue to datings not interested. You will make the perfect match for the right person. Or, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, knowing full well that some of them dating not interested actually prefer the opposite done unto them.

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And boys, they pretend to be funny and interesting but not all of them can actually do this. I have a friend in your situation who feels bad about not wanting to go out with someone a second time.

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Maybe I haven't run into many desperate men, but the conversation has always died fairly quickly after that. That way, like 23skidoo said, you'll be able to avoid continued attention from people you don't want to associate with.


Here are some tips for sorting the frank from the fickle. And every single woman on your dating site knows….

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Do a couple sentences about the weather, or that best male profiles for dating sites water-skiing squirrel you saw on the YouTube.

It hurts as hell now but I hope the time will cure me.