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Click here to see all your options for researching the Internet dating news on OPW. Oct 08, Permalink Comments 0. See dating oasis article at AFR.

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It has an overseas presence in countries including Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Nov 09, Permalink Comments 0. It also sold out of New Zealand auction website Trade Me in late Will you continue to push internationally?

Ten's investment in Oasis has grown to a 40 per cent stake through a combination of on-air promotion and cash.

We currently have a couple of relationships outside of Australia that primarily help us with the languages we support apart from English, such as Spanish, Portuguese etc. I don't read more than a line on.

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If that means altering the market positioning, that is something we will have to do. The combined business will be managed by the RSVP and Oasis executive teams It is thought the merged entity may be floated on the Australian Securities Exchange down the track or a trade sale may be sought.

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View Add Re-order Edit Delete. Fairfax, the publisher of Business Day, has sold a number of digital assets in the past two years.

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Nov 05, Permalink Comments 0. Jun 14, Permalink Comments 0. How's the team transitioning to work with RSVP? Internet dating sites have come under pressure from international rivals like eHarmony and mobile applications, such as Tinder.

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