Online dating site for ravers Single Ravers Now Have Their Own Online Dating Site,

Online dating site for ravers

Look through our other kwinks and search something specific!

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And the rise in online dating makes sense: Doing interviews is a challenge for DJs. Sign up for your own profile on SingleRavers.


A Woman, 22 Toronto, Ontario. A Man, 27 Allston, Massachusetts. Our mission is to unite you with a dating community sharing your kwink. A Woman, 32 Ithaca, New York.

My cynical spidey-sense is tingling! Well, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, I give to you www. A Woman, 24 Hillsboro, Oregon. A Man, 34 La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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Join the Raver Dating Community and stop using generic dating sites! Someone has decided that if they paint something as EDM related, they'll have themselves a money making machine. Awesome People We Met at Escape: While the service is currently run through SingleRavers. The couple met through Instagram, and now all three are spreading love and helping ravers find significant others the same way they met—through the dance music community.

Log in here to submit a tag. A Woman, 22 Fairfax, Virginia. The site launched on October 3,and in 45 days already had more than 4, followers and close to submissions.

Think of a Match. When I went home, I bought the SingleRavers. Music for the Masses.

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The hardest thing is giving people the face time they deserve and also not spamming people who follow us with posts.

The app matches you with people who will be at the same events as you and share dating site for ravers favorite artists. A Woman, 23 Yonkers, New York.

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Before that, we had been talking about all these Instagram accounts with rave girls and boys, and I wondered if there were any pages featuring single people trying to find each other. On the surface, it's a poorly designed site with a could of images -- including a model dressed as a raver -- that will make you think it's geared towards the clubbing community. Then comes the liking of pages, and what I feel the biggest flaw the app has: It may be a dating site for ravers, life style, deviation, or affliction. However, underneath the surface it's just another low quality dating site most likely filled with the people you'd go out your way to avoid in a club or dance music event.

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If it's not Miley Cyrus boasting about her Molly intake so she can, mistakenly, make herself more appealing to a more grown up audience, it's a company who coming up with the"genius" idea of selling a Halloween " Molly Monster " costume for kids and adults alike, complete with furry boots and candy bracelets.

EDM events already have very social atmospheres where people freely mingle and socialize with new people based on common musical interests. The only type of people I can see using this app is someone who is going to a festival and wants to hook up with someone afterwords. It seems like people are downloading this app, making their profile, and then abandoning it after realizing what a joke it is.