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Better you know her answer now, not a week from now.

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But again you can do better. If you're young and inexperienced in the dating game, then practice is helpful.

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I am not sure what to do ,can you help? Go On More Dates. I ended up winning and we went back inside to finish watching the game and we really didn't talk that much because I'm a tad bit shy and her and my family was in there watching.

No physical connection whatsoever, for either of us.

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So we all decided to play darts and when I went up to throw she kept giving me the same look that was like a half smirk with a tad bit of wonder in it. I want to ask her out on a date so badly but I don't want her to reject me out of fear that she will reject our friendship along with the request for a date.

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9 fail-proof steps to asking her out via a dating site or app.

But at the end of the day what do you want out of all of this? Maybe a daytrip to the lake or the beach would pique her interest.

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Step 1: Gauge Her Interest

She was drop dead sexy but I didn't make a move because I dating when to ask girl out had a girlfriend at the time. Personally, I think it's important to date a girl in person because it can wear down on the couple if they can't see each other. As a matter of fact, I'd say all of my friends would think it's sweet too.

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I had a girl call me cute one day while getting my oil changed. If you try and rush through things she might take you as desperate and say no!

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Their is this one girl I knew since 4th grade and we r best friends show should I ask her out or just be freinds. I love her but i dont know if she would like me back Im not that bad looking i dont think.

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So take that into consideration. When you meet someone in real life, you are able to gauge if you are attracted to them or not, you can gauge if they are creepy, slick, etc. Relationships don't have to be so hard.

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I don't like trying to explain a situation so much but there's a lot of angles to his one so any advice would be appreciated.