Ouran highschool host club dating quiz Which Ouran High School Host Club Guy Would Like You???

Ouran highschool host club dating quiz, what do you like the most out of these?

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Use my ninja skills on them! I'd push you away, embarrassed, then yell at you, asking why the heck you did that.

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The color of the blue Sky. Sure I'm up for the challenge.

Which Ouran High School Host Club Member Is Your H

Register free or login! That won't ever happen because I always protect them. I wish you a good day as well. I, Renge, as the lady manager of the Ouran Host Club, should be the one to present this quiz!

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I hate it so, no I guess. Not bad for a idiot. Happy, Hyper, Loves sweets! No I don't need to.

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Me too but not too much sweets If only there had been a bit of cosplay Pull a prank on the bully. In order to receive respect, one must be mature. We have a guest mind asking her a question?

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I like any blue but yes. Ok, last question, I think.

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What insane anime character loves you? Que anime sweat drop. Jessica, if I may? Awww, I liked it. None of the above. Yey i like games! Worry and think real hard. Now Empire dating couple going to pulls out a few of the members of the host club!

What's your favorite class?

What Anime Girl is Your Twin? Well, I suppose so. Not care, it's just a test I was gonna fail anyways. If you were an animal, what would you be? Ummm maybe Cowboy Bebop?

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Log in or sign up. I'd squeal with happiness, then kiss you back excitedly!! How would you describe yourself in three words? Ask my friends if they studied.

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