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Now listen to me: Most extreme example in After Story, where he became rather enraged at the prospect of Tomoya having sex with Nagisa despite them being married already. The homemade shirt reads: Prospero in The Tempest.

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I have a very specific set of skills ; skills I've acquired over a very long career Chagal in Tanz der Vampire literally nails the door to his daughter Sarah's room shut while soliloquizing about how his own lusty nature has convinced him that any man, given the opportunity, would steal her away from him. Continental DriftThough in his defense, given what happened to his previous family as revealed in the original film, who could blame him?

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Justified in that his first wife disappeared without a trace and his second wife died on a mission, making him understandably protective over his two daughters. Vegeta seems to be this to his daughter Bra, going so far as to attack teenage punks that are hitting on his daughter — and because they made fun of him and his mustache though they might have a point with the mustache. Fist of the Fox. After Elena finds this out, she is utterly disgusted by him. Ouran High School Host Club: He didn't want his daughter to marry, so he brainwashed her that all men are dangerous and out to get her, and put dad dating sheets in her bag to train her muscle for punching out guys.

Sun's father has nothing on Lunar's dad dating, who stalks Nagasumi like the Terminator for being around Lunar and later opens fire on him for "touching" Lunar's butt.

The "feminist father" in question is the dad of Kristine Speare, who initially posted the dad dating to her Tumblr account with the caption "Happy Father's Day.

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This market is implicit in most overprotective father-daughter interactions, but it's most loud and clear in purity culturea usually Christian subculture that encourages chastity through a wide variety of methods — including purity ringslike the one infamously worn by Jessica Simpson to promise her father that she'd stay a virgin until marriage; purity balls where fathers promise out loud to "cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the area of purity;" and the high school wall posters that urged students to " protect her character " during prom.

Get updates straight to your inbox. Subverted in Kare Kano when Yukino brings Soichiro home for the first time.

True to form, in his brief appearance in the Volume 3 epilogue, he stays by both of his injured and exhausted daughters' beds and cares for them, bringing them breakfast and gets very upset when Qrow enters Ruby's room and expresses his wishes to talk to Ruby alone. You know, it's funny. Was he complementing me, or was he constraining me? Grandpa in the opera The Tender Land. Later, when both of them are sitting in NERV's detention cells, they come to an understanding: She also seems to bring out the Overprotective Uncle in Tycho.

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