P3p dating junpei Female Protagonist (Persona 3 Portable)

P3p dating junpei

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Junpei acts recklessly, often attempting to prove himself to his teammates. You can play the female MC as a broody type as well though. If anything else, the MC's dialogue options in P3 gave him different personalities as a character while the ones in P4 seemed better worked as different choices the same person would make, thus making his aloofness and detachment more your own doing than anything else.

Chidori's residual power remains with Junpei, allowing him to regenerate dating junpei over time.

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Don't have an account? Insert witty and creative name here kazzisato. Female protagonist concept pose. Its still hard to believe that something as simple as adding an extra X chromosome to the protagonist could completely turn my opinion around on a game. However, Junpei does have his sensible moments as well, such as dating junpei he repeatedly warns Yukari that going to the back alley behind Port Island Station is dangerous, when she considers it an "adventure.

I did like Metis as a character. You can now eat out with Junpei, train with Akihiko, and even bond with the lovable pooch Koromaru. Lowers odds of sustaining critical damage. Loveroute, Akihiko does have extra dialogue regarding Ryoji where he's pretty protective of you.

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On weekends and days off, she seems to wear a red scarf, a light orange sweater, a red plaid skirt, black leggings, and red boots along with her earphones. During some point of his social link, Junpei found out someone was taking candid photos of the female protagonist, and he subsequently helps her find the culprit.

Like most of the playable characters, Junpei is a student at Gekkoukan High Schooland has been in Yukari's class before. The doctor theorizes that the flowers may have given Chidori back her life due to the numerous times she had revived them.

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It was only a few hours in that I realized the folly of my assumptions. August 3rd, Contents [ show ]. He tries to calm everyone down and solve the problem without the need for battle. Reply Link Thread Expand.

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Hmm, I'm not sure about the "you're charming" part, but I did get the other one right. I felt that he gave off the impression that he actually cared about the people he was making S. He reappears wearing an aqua baseball player uniform with a black tank top and white gloves. I wish I had this game so I can play as both.

However, unlike with the male protagonist route, her story can be slightly altered. Although he usually brushes it off, Junpei is shown to greatly dislike this name, and at one point tells her to stop calling him that.

There are two flags to trigger before telling him "You're in love. Concept casual dating yahoo of Junpei cinematic.

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