P3p dating mitsuru Romantic relationships in P3P

P3p dating mitsuru

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Games Movies TV Wikis. Jump to another forum: Yukari says she wants to fulfill her father's wish to eliminate the Shadows and Dark Hour, and Mitsuru agrees. Mitsuru datings mitsuru in the way between the Shadow and her father and then her Persona, Penthesilea, awakens and defeats the Shadow. Mitsuru decides to research some old documents that she thinks might help answer why the Abyss appeared.

Yukari thinks back to the time she confronted Mitsuru emotionally in Kyoto three years prior and thinks of doing the same thing now, but this saddens her since it would be repeating what's already been done.

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I can't say I remember going past days from seeing a girl, however. It is noted by her father that she has difficulty trusting others, and at one point he tells her that she can only do so much on her own and reminds her of the Kirijo Group's guiding principle, "Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection," which Mitsuru takes to heart. Doubles magic damage dealt next turn.

Back view of Mitsuru while wearing the High Cut Armor. Shadow Mitsuru as she appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

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This sequel expands on the vaunted Nemesis system in wildly entertaining ways, even as it falls short around the edges. Lowers odds of sustaining critical damage. Mitsuru with an Evoker.

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Persona 3 Portable Romantic relationships in P3P. Mitsuru dating mitsuru rest of the female members of S.

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I hate to double post so I'll ask here: The protagonist and Mitsuru have a good relationship from the start of the game. In Ultimaxshe also gains Tentarafoo used as an ice elemental attack as opposed to a wind-based attack like Yosuke's version.

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Mitsuru tells Yukari she must accept the past, thanks Yukari for her support when her father died, and that her friends will always be here for her. She uses ice attacks and is weak against fire, uses fencing rapiers in combat, and has an occasionally frustrating tendency to use Marin Karin and Tentarafoo. Concept artwork of Mitsuru. Mitsuru is Gekkoukan High School 's valedictorian and student council president, as well as a member of the school fencing team.

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After defeating Nyx Avatar, Mitsuru is in charge of the school's graduation ceremony speech. Mitsuru has battled the Shadows longer than any of the other members of SEES, having been trained since a young age to use her Persona. Mitsuru as a child.

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