Painting speed dating I Heart Art: Painting & Speed Dating

Painting speed dating

Send your news, tips, comments, cat gifs, ideas and London photos to Sonya Barber, blog editor at blog timeout.

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Tyre-d of being alone? May sound a bit weird, but we have it on good authority that these events tend to end with loads of people snogging!

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Look Mum No Hands! If you love general knowledge or have a soft spot for those in the knowthen this is the dating night for you.

Which should at least give you an ice-breaker. Follow the Time Out blog.

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Most popular posts 32 romantic photos of kissing in London Is this unofficial tube map easier to understand than the original? Need someone to ring your bell?

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Impress other singles with your obscure knowledge, in a cross between speed dating and a pub quiz. All Star LanesHolborn, 6.

Shhh Dating — Silent Speed Dating. Original Dating — Quiz Dating. Shhh Dating — Gentle Tantra Party.

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Consider it your ultimate newsfeed for daily London life. NordicOxford Circus, 7pm.

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Got painting speed dating you want to share with us? Even the King of the North takes the Tube. Single and ready to mingle?

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Do you know which star is closest to Earth, or how paintings speed dating years Nelson Mandela spent in prison? Be the first to know what's on in London with the Time Out blog.

Jam TreeClapham, 7pm. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more. Here are the best dating nights in May Posted at 6: Join Lovestruck members and their friends for an evening of fun, flirting and a healthy bit of competition at the private bowling alley in Holborn.

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The evening will include mixed tournaments and virtual bowling. Following the success of their parties in Clapham, Shhh Dating are spreading their silent wings to Dalston, where they will be running gentle intimacy-building parties. Yes, you did just read that correctly! Dating and relationship expert Susan Quillam explores the challenges of modern dating, and offers solutions to make the experience more positive and productive.