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Of course, the evangelical prerogative is to keep people as far outside the real world as possible. Its definitely quite unlikely that they are actually harmful to any scientific field.

There's no just in the question of how the Earth came to be. Its called free exercise and church-state separation. You will probably have a better chance with them. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and set us free from rules and regulations.

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The pharisees of the world are isolating themselves and pushing the unsaved away from knowing Jesus. You weren't allowed to be in bars, clubs, casinos, or anything else the university deemed "worldly. After the first few seconds of ecstatic freefall, I felt the parachute try to open.

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Aside from the christian principles they had, It was fine with me. Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete. Are some of the things absurb, absolutely!

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Holy crap I wasn't even aware there were colleges like this. It's basically a front set up by conservative Christian colleges to get them qualified for federal aid-- it took years to get approval from the Department of Education happened finally under GHW Bush and they've been suspended since. Please do your own due diligence first! Now, I know that some stories may not be what it seems, but is it hard to believe that PCC would turn their backs on their students? Even in a religious school, teachers are quite careful with putting opinion out there. It does pensacola christian college dating like a reform school as described, which is a very odd concept for adults My family used to be part of a church that was similar.

This is most obvious in that it is absolutely forbidden for students to either hold any form of public demonstration or create or sign a petition. And from what I'm told, parents recommend or send their children there. I never did, so whenever he speaks, I just didn't care. I've never been there myself, but I used their grade school textbooks.

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They actually have attendance cards that you have to give when you go in. Gonna stop you there. PCC tries too hard. A Beka is nothing less than indoctrination designed to turn kids into hardline Dominionists who will make America a theocracy.

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However, none of those things are the real problem with PCC. Violating them could mean getting kicked out or sanctions. There was never anything else. But I feel that it could be damaging to some people, as I feel they want to brainwash the students and not to think for themselves.

Also, the on-campus radio station was forbidden after because they played contemporary Christian music. I cannot understand why anyone would choose to go there.

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