Plants vs zombies garden warfare matchmaking not working Plants vs zombies garden warfare matchmaking not working

Plants vs zombies garden warfare matchmaking not working

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However if the bug can be used to manipulate coins, character unlockables, star currency, etc - then it qualifies as a hack.

Yeah it's totally screwed. What is Garden Warfare? Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5.

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I wouldn't buy their games if they weren't so damn good Almost anything dealing with PvZ and PvZ: Please Tag Your Posts! I've reset everything, including hard xbox reset. What should we call you? What Content Should I Submit? I've been looking up the support forums and twitter I would bet money this is a Dice game.

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I don't understand how every single game they release can have problems like this, I should've expected it I guess. You Can Post Game Bugs If you have a bug you found, you can post it here with as much info as possible to assist the software developers of the game. The comments here have been constructive save for yours. It is based on the all popular Plants vs Zombies franchise. At least the problem is being acknowledged and fixed, unlike the Arkham Origins devs who straight up said that they WILL NOT patch the game anymore, even though game-breaking bugs still exist Seems like once I get into one game I can usually keep playing that session.

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It's a server wide issue, and now it seems according to a bulletin on pvz, they're taking servers down at 2am pst for maintenance. I've restarted every single component that can be restarted, nothing works. So glad my final day off will be spent daydreaming about plants killing zombies while I yell at EA on some support chat!!!