Police officer dating felon Police officer dating felon

Police officer dating felon

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I think they might be able to look past the felon husband for corrections. Let's just hope the bumps don't turn into hills as far as my potential career. Now we'll just see what happens.

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As far as the people to one, I agree and hope that because they need people so badly will help them consider my true attributes dating like a spartan than my felon husband. If you want to be in Law Enforcement find another spouse.

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They do a huge background check on you with all your friends and family. They would know the specific issues that might arise. It might not even come up actually. I don't know if this will help you but I have had the same question in my head for over a year. I'm truly crushed with the though that I can't.

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Grown men and women I'm sure are alot easier to handle than the youth trying to still make a name for themself. Find a different spouse or a different career choice.

We both disclosed that he was incarcerated.

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You didn't make him commit the crime. The Federal Firearms Act states that a Felon shall not polices officer dating felon any firearm with a barrel less than 18" or any handgun at any time.

Goes to show you that the face of law enforcement is changing. Was this officer fired because the parolee was currently involved with gangs, or do you mean hanging around anybody who had a record in the past?

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You will need to be completley honest in all questions applied to you. I have a possible solution for you.

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I was police officer dating felon the impression that a felon living in the same house with a gun still counts as "felon in possession". Thanks for your input. I know already you can't be an correctional officer.

I am ex law enforcement, my son was incarcerated and came home to a gun being in the house. Do you mean not a chance in hell will they hire me, or do you mean since we were married and have been together for nine years now they may look past it? I always believe that honesty is the best policy! In certain occupations they do a background check on your spouse.

Whether or not he is a decent man, they will still judge you. I'm currently a student studying to become a police officer, but I have a problem. My hubby has an uncle in TDCJ, yet we both work for the state. My younger brother was a DEA agent before recently moving to the Department of Homeland Security and they did serious digging into our whole family--spouses included. You know, like, will we be able to desciffer between a liar, manipulator, something along those lines. And he will walk with this attorney- with case dismissed - not time served. There are many on here that are 'cops'