Poole pottery dating Poole Pottery Marks

Poole pottery dating

Nellie Bishton alternate mark.

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Honiton comes from a similar part of the world to Poole, well Devon at least, and has a similar look. Above - shape was also made as a ginger jar with a lid. Unknown mark from between and For example, the three pots below can be identified from their bases as WK pattern, shape number is unclear but itspainted by Winifred RoseV pattern, shapewith decorator o Myrtle Bondand E for elaborate CS pattern, shapepainted by A Betty Gooby.

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From they produced a range of studio pottery that later became a model for the well-known, brightly coloured Delphis range of the s and s. Poole also produced two other noted art pottery ranges in the s: They produce decorative and ornamental art pottery that has become very collectible.

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Poole set up a semi-independent studio within the factory in to produce studio pottery. L aura Wills 0.

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Barbara Lowe contacted me to claim this mark as hers. The abstract designs do not appeal to everyone, but dedicated Poole collectors really appreciate them.

Poole Pottery is based in the town of Poole in Dorset.

The Virtual Museum is non-profit making. Pattern LH shape by Eileen Prangnell. This is a new micro pub that is opening in the old Lankester and Crooks butcher unit.

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At this time the Pottery changed from a traditional red clay to white earthenware body because the Carter and Co pits were beginning to run out of their traditional red clay. Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks.

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Anne Godfrey second mark Anne Godfrey late mark. The radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, an icon of 's space exploration and science, would have made a perfect subject alongside the modern cathedrals and other souvenir plates that Poole produced.

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There are many artist marks that I've not been able to include here yet and some which I can't identify. Top Look-a-likes As mentioned above Poole invariably carries at least a factory mark and this will always be the surest way to identify a pot.

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The early throwers at Poole didn't mark their work, but the practice was introduce by Guy Sydenham in the later half of the 's particularly found on Atlantis wares and subsequent studio wares.