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But they do not even mention the basic problem that you cannot know the radioactive concentrations that existed in the rock in the past. Brilliant idea for use in a classroom setting to teach this very idea. Cosmic rays, high-energy mesons, neutrons, electrons, protons, and photons enter our atmosphere continually.

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I included a couple of links to articles about tree-ring chronologies. Ultimately, Tas has the right idea.


Every last bit of it. Since it is a gas, argon 40 can easily migrate in and out of potassium rocks. A classic example is that the dust samples on the moon seem to be older than the rocks underneath. Sometimes researchers can determine a rough age for a fossil based on established ages of other fauna from the same layer — especially microfauna, which evolve faster, creating shorter spans in the fossil record for each species.

As discussed, OE problem with dating methods rests on the evolutionary concept of uniformitarianism and an assumed constant decay rate for all time.


If you follow some of the links you will see that these effects have not been ignored. Samarium million yearsThe only reliable way of knowing the age of anything is by the historical method, by eyewitnesses.

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Can time change rocks into raccoons, seawater into turkeys, or sand into fish? Justin Draper July 16, The age spread of certain moon rocks varied from 2 million to 28 billion years!

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And John was an apostle and eyewitness John So i suggest both parties if you havent already read the wonderfull book by ian taylor called in the minds of men -darwin and the new world order- then once read, see if you can still hold dear your reasoning for upholding particular mainstream conventional beliefs of geology. Evolution can only occur by a sequence of, firstproduction of matter from nothing, or origin of matter. A number of variable factors could have changed the decay rate from what it is now. Caution about Ark discovery.

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What I can offer is my own experience as it relates to the accuracy of the Bible. They return and belittle all of the people who hold a belief they do not agree with.

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These things are true. Imagine yourself staring at a dirt pile or at some seawater, at a problem with dating methods when there was nothing alive in the world but yourself.

Assumption 1: Conditions at Time Zero

I think one has to work hard to believe that the intelligent design behind even the simplest organism is due to random formations of the elements around us. Evolutionary theory is a combination of biology, geology, cosmology, chemistry and physics. The bottom line is if the creationists are right then all of science is wrong.

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And you want me to believe that the earth only just formed 6, years ago?