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In my rappelling hook up class we have performed rescues on students literally within seconds of an incident. You can do this by attaching the two ropes and placing the knot between the rigging and the rappeller. In fact, that is the only drawback to this system I can think of — it is only well suited for a tree or a pole, not for rocks or any artificial protection.

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You have an injured climber and a rescue from the top of the climb is warranted. There are other contingency rigs out there that require more equipment and provide additional benefits, but these are by far the most simple, minimalistic and efficient systems.

Both of these options are good, but they are time, personnel and equipment intensive.

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As some one with considerate experience in rescue and recreational climbing and rappelling I think this is a well written into with two omissions on one component of any lowering system. If you expect to do multiple rescues, you might consider placing a tarp under your wraps. Rigging to rappel is an often undervalued skill.

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Both of these options and probably many others get the job rappelled hook up quickly and efficiently and require minimal gear and effort. The last man at risk or LMAR pronounced Lamar should be a good enough rappeller that they can rappel on a retrievable system so you can get your rope and continue to the next rappel.

Always back up your rappel with a friction hitch that helps hold the brake strands if something happens and you lose your grip.

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While all climbers aspire to reach the top of a pitch, getting back down is every bit as important. In my estimation, there are three types of rigging.

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For info on choosing a belay device, read our article, How to Choose a Belay Device. Neither are needed on every repel, but they are both important.

Rigging to Rappel: A Basic Guide

Take your pre-tied inch loop of cord and wrap its strands several times around the strands of your climbing rope. Must be simple or no one would know how to use. Rappelling comes in handy in a number of scenarios, including:. Rappelling Down Double-check all knots, hitches, locking carabiners and make certain everything is secure; double-check that both rope ends have a knot and that both knots are on the ground.

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Dating and serious relationship Thanks for your comment. This means your rope must be a little bit more than twice as long as the rappel is tall. Hitch options include the Prusik and the Autoblock, described here: Clip another PAS loop to the other bolt, making sure that you select a loop that will keep slack out of the system as you work.

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This article describes rappel with a tubular belay device. Hasty Retrievable Contingency I will discuss the first two types of rigging briefly and focus a bit more on contingency rigging. How are you going to rescue them?