Rc4wd warn winch hook up Instructions/Videos

Rc4wd warn winch hook up

Delivery was very fast, on the items that I had ordered. Looking for a great looking scale winch for your rig, but it has to perform too?

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Plugged it in and nothing. Slender Man i like their winches. Contact Us - RCCrawler. No I bought the hole thing winch and the controll unit.

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I checked all the batterys my pack is charged and the batterys in the little orange controller are in properly. Contact RC4WD for the issue they may send you another wireless unit yours may be bad. I wheel a real Jeep and run a 12, Milemarker, this is just too funny, but cool!

Mine worked as it should when recieved I have been using this model winch on a couple of my scale comp rigs for some time now.

Did the new unit work? I received my new controller for the wireless winch. Add Thread to del. Click HERE to see it. I have used it repeatedly and it keeps coming back for more! Put me on the Waiting List. Dec 15, I guess I'm going to post this here being I am new to the page. Cow crap flats Posts: Originally Posted by mikegayler Might be a stupid question but can the wireless one be used as a wired to a 3-Ch system? It has been a great item, and happy that I have added this item to my RC.

Just saw this on the sidebar, very cool! I personally would like to also know the durability of this winch Share Share this post on Digg Del. The wireless unit can only be controlled with the wireless key fob they may not have sent it to by mistake I am using the wired system so I can move my dating darth vader up and down with the TX. The warn winch hook up does seem to bog down a little with a lot of large diameter line spooled on the drum. I'm going to let my ignorance show, but can't I just pick it up with my hand and move it?

Thread: rc4wd warn wireless winch

Add to Wish List. I'm impressed with how strong this little winch is. Warn and the Warn name are registered trademarks of Warn Industries. It leaves your third channel free for other things and the little remote control looks awesome! It looks like you're enjoying RCCrawler's Forums but haven't created an account yet. So it electronically limits the winch line from spooling out when under load much better then did the RC4WD wireless controller. Originally Posted by diffman Yes I would recommend this item to your RC hobby.

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Dec 17, Not for sure how long u are supposed to hold the buttons in for the binding process.