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Literally met the whole family. I'm trying to be nice here.

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Where did mom go? Having a worst dating stories time picking a name? We each have one and in mid sentence she just stops talking and stares at her hands. They were asking her stuff like, "is this the guy?

She's wearing a confederate flag bikini and her aunt is in one of those beach chairs that you lay in, and she's snorting crack on the table next to it. She was slim, but had wide sexy hips, I never thought it might be due to her having had children.

Ended up meeting him across town at the bar he was drinking at, where he introduced me to my date he had just met playing pool there. I just wanted to get the hell out, and I felt sorry for the poor waitress who had to clean the mess up. She runs with the joke, and even one-ups me.

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Yeah, that was what I thought when I read that comment, too. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Eventually she's worst dating stories me and I'm literally starting to fight back.

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Felt way too awkward, kinda just shuffled out into the main room and drank punch for pretty much the rest of the night. I finally convince him to at least get an appetizer. She acts annoyed and says everything is fine.

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Then ordered a meal with a lot of beans and spices. Went on a date with a girl, a sort of blind date friend of a friend thing. They're having so much sex now.

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I met him after work and the restaurant was a nice place. I excused myself to use the washroom and when I came back my soup was there but the pile of scabs wasn't. Was in high school, early 's. Word got around that she had a thing for me, and to be honest, she was super cute.

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I had pretty bad acne and wore glasses my Junior year of high school. A woman and a man came in and I had a table for them upstairs. Guy works security at a horse farm in a different county. I immediately pulled out I was so horrified--I felt like a fucking rapist all of a sudden. Dude, you have issues.

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Why some people stay together mystifies me. Turned around just in time to see her leaving. What was wrong with her? I'm laughing my ass off, a sincere but nervous laugh.