Regula cuckoo clock dating How to Identify the Maker of a Cuckoo Clock

Regula cuckoo clock dating

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How to Adjust a Pendulum Clock Escapement. I just picked up a cuckoo clock and I'm trying to find any information on it and find approximate value. So the first cuckoo is always without the gong.

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I hope this helps. Cuckoos and especially chalet clocks can often be painted in a bright palette of colors, but I like the understated color on this model.

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Bonnie Ballard March 19, at BUT it is possibly no. Is that the age? This authentic hand-made German clock is a variation on the traditional five-leaf design. The regula movement has no letter date code. Well, with crazy modern schedules being what they are, you might not remember to wind your cuckoo every morning.

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Thank you in advance! The tag on the back indicates it is a 1 day clock. Can you tell me this clocks age?

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It does not have a date code stamped on it or the drop length for the pendulum. The chalet cuckoo clock dating clock usually depicts a scene from the life of a Black Forest villager, with hand-carved figurines.

Black Forest Association Certification

This is applied sparingly with a blower bottle. Schneider now uses the movements marked Regula in their clocks as well and only really makes the case components. Hi The Clock Man. Above all, always be careful not to disturb the delicate inner workings of your clock. Music boxes are an ever more popular option for wall clocks as they let you have a diverse set of sounds to mark the hour and keep things from getting stale.

Clock Case

Be careful not to get excess oil on the gears themselves, as this will attract dirt and cause the gears to become sticky. It would make a perfect heirloom for any family with German roots to pass on to their children. Remove the back case of the clock and examine the moveable parts.

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One of the very last movement makers in Germany. I understand that it is a Black Forest clock, it has a large owl on the top, a cuckoo on the pendulum and two cuckoos one either side of the clock which move architects dating site the clock strikes half past and on the hour.

I find similar ones. Thanks, Steve ', 'timestamp': What can you ell me cuckoo clock dating this clock. We hope you will have a great experience navigating our new site.

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Cleaning a cuckoo, especially the vintage mechanical variety, can seem pretty daunting at first. Im trying to find out when it was made and its aprox value. The damage from damp and the woodwork gives the clock a "Patina" but hurts the value.

A cottage or a room with a cottage design would be perfect.

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Unknown December 29, at 4: I am working hours a week to keep up with my repairs. MDP by River City. Search Forums Search for: Would cleaning ruin any value?