Rotc cadet dating Dating an ROTC guy: a good or bad idea?

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While there are no prohibitions amongst Cadets, some schools elect to be more restrictive, and treat the Cadets as if they were the Army and prohibit relationships between those in Cadet leadership positions and those not. Reddit is filled cadet dating interest based communities, offering something for everyone. I don't know how you can wake up every Tuesday and Thursday, put on a uniform that you did not earn, with a combat patch that you did not earn, a flag you do not defend, and walk out the door like you mean a shit.

Learning how to juggle every little thing is not just an important part of being a leader, its also an important part of growing up.

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Simmons Your Own Question. During a relationship we have problems with PDA, favorism, rumors etc. You wear a combat patch you did not earn and never cadet dating earn because the war is over and you are not going anywhere. Truth be told, I don't expect an airman to understand this post. Could I sleep with any of the above?

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Ask a Military Lawyer. Can't read the text? Do you think that people that violate others basic rights forfeit their own right to not have force used against them? Is there anyway out of the military if you are miserable? Now the division commander could always step in and counter that order if he feels it is unjustified or he can support.

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Fellow cadets of different rank? And I'm not looking for "I suggest against it, team unity I know how the system works, and that wasn't my point. I attribute some of my arrogant thinking to, coincidentally, something called "infantryman's arrogance".

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Posted February 14, But perception is the law. If there's an authority problem people just have to assert themselves more. Military personnel must recognize that any form of social contact which is perceived as favoritism, preferential treatment, or exploitation by rank is improper.

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My Gaia GCash Shops! And don't tell others to do so. They bled out, some apologizing for doing so, while your fucking privileged, sorry, asses were watching Sunday Night Football and getting drunk with your friends.

You just don't deserve to put on a uniform because at the end of the day, cadets just don't deserve it. I read the post twice over to understand it and try to write some sort of earnest response that answers the OP's concerns, but my mind's at a complete blank. IPAaday, you seem profoundly unhappy, all because an 18 year old who has been enrolled in college for - what - 6 weeks?