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But Luckygirl is eager to rs dating site, so I click reply.

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Not many people can say they have done it. I also met my girlfriend on Runescape, nearly 4 years ago. I didn't want criticism, I didn't want judgement; trust me, I've heard all of it so many times before.

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You don't deserve ANY hate on your post, at all! There's a male attachment too: We met on Counter-Strike Source!

But he looks very familiar though. Congratulations I don't mind this, but as soon as I see matching usernames and following each other at G E for 12 hours while making other people feel bad about themselves because some people think they're better that they have matching rsns, is when I get mad. I mean, doesn't she have plans for uni? A lanky, year-old, who rs datings site a Ph.

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I made a post awhile back telling about how I met my boyfriend on Runescape, and asking if anyone else had similar stories.

Don't do EHP, kids. We'll see if it lasts.

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Internet dating is really hard and it's certainly not for everyone. Mine would laugh in my face for such a thing and tell me to meet a person irl. It's funny that the people who actually know us both well are the ones who are truly happy for us and know how good we are together; so many random people hear single arbitrary facts about our relationship such as age or distance and suddenly make assumption after assumption. The hassle of buying plane tickets, planning the dates, waiting for said dates, and not being able to see him everyday are pretty crappy things to deal with.

Oh I know haha.

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Hell, I might as well come out about it too. Replace RuneScape with Minecraft, and that's my story. I remember one time on runescape classic where I was rolling with two gfs pimp I know and my irl friend came to where I was in game and scared off my gf forever.

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Having a hard time picking a name? Congrats on the relationship, he is a cutie.

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