Ryan and dalis still dating Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Proposes to Ex Maci Bookout on Twitter

Ryan and dalis still dating


Home Take The Latest Poll! The general conclusion was that it was probably some crazy fan girl who wanted to be able to brag about breaking up 'the couple from teen mom. What do you think of Mackenzie defending her man? And in this time frame the only woman Ryan hung around was Maci. It is for the best that she removed herself from that situation. After coming to that realization, Dalis shifted her focus to completing school and furthering her career.

Dude, they even said she barely appeared on the show if you actually read the article.

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After that they continued to hook up for two months. Dalis is better off without that lot of crazy in her life. Sep 7, For more background information on Dalis, be sure to check out our profile and still dating on her from well before she even made her first appearance on Teen Mom!

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She is the biggest enable and she is the reason why Ryan never grew up. You can keep up with Dalis on Twitter at DalisPaigeand in addition to her fitness blogDalis and still dating runs a Facebook page for her modeling where you can see amazing photos like this one:. Apparently during the weekend she was in California, saying her final goodbye, she rung Ryan at around 2am for some emotional support. She has a good head on her shoulders. What a sack of SHIT!!! Through that whole series of Dalis being a rude jealous bitch- i find Ryan cheating is Funny Karma. It was just ridiculous.

I totally understand her concern for Bentley, it may even be influenced by her own experience. Meanwhile, the Edwardses are also having to deal with Dalis Connell, whom Ryan dated from —, and who came forward this week revealing Ryan had a drug issue back when they were datingtoo.

I hope everything goes well for her, she will make a great fitness model, her body is sick.

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Everyone, even his friends, would be in shock, but I will continue to be the mature one in this situation while he tries to make me look like an idiot. In addition to being driven, Dalis has a huge heart and it really seemed that her time with Ryan was having a positive effect on him as he and Maci learned to put aside their differences for the most part and become functioning, supportive co-parents for Bentley.

If Ryan and Maci got back together, I think it would work out. Plus, why would a one night stand go and answer his phone?

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Poor Dalis, you could tell MTV was trying to paint her as the crazy girlfriend in that special. My ex cheated on me within days of my mothers suicide, people like him and Ryan should stay single.

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Thumb me down all you want. There were so many people hating on her for no reason. It was clear to me that she is way too sensible to be involved in that train wreck.

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Always was, always will be. She seems like a nice, sweet person with goals in life, and she clearly cared about Bentley very much.