Scholarly articles on hookup culture Predictors of Sexual Hookups: A Theory-Based, Prospective Study of First-Year College Women

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Her research focuses on the development of reproductive health attitudes and sexual socialization. Surveys were designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less. Future research should continue to explore the association between academic involvement and hooking up. Hookups can result in guilt and negative feelings. To hook up or date: Basic and Applied Social Psychology. Are hookups replacing romantic relationships?

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Using two-part modeling with logistic and negative binomial regression, we identified predictors of hooking up. Of those women, 70 percent experienced unwanted sex in the context of a hookup and 57 percent in the context of a committed romantic relationship Hill et al.

Second, we included only a subset of possible predictors of mingle dating definition. Copyright notice and Disclaimer.

A review of factors influencing the sexual behavior of college students.

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This is consistent with a classic study by Clark and Hatfieldwhich found that men are much more likely than women to accept casual sex offers from people they find attractive. In contrast, and contrary to our hypothesis, women who smoked cigarettes were less likely to engage in hookups involving performing oral scholarly article on hookup culture.

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Similarly, in a study of college students, 26 percent of women and 50 percent of men reported feeling positive after a hookup, and 49 percent of women and 26 percent of men reported a negative reaction the remainders for each sex had a mix of both positive and negative reactions; Owen et al.

We advance the literature by using a conceptual framework to select predictors, following a large sample of college women during an important developmental transition, and using a prospective longitudinal design with monthly surveys over one year. Just as multiple motivations can be in conflict, a person's affective reactions during and after a hookup can be in conflict.

In a study of young adults followed across a university semester, those with more depressive symptoms and greater feelings of loneliness who engaged in penetrative sex hookups subsequently reported a reduction in both depressive symptoms and feelings of loneliness Owen et al. In contrast, women reporting higher scholarly articles on hookup culture of subjective religiosity were less likely to engage in vaginal sex scholarly articles on hookup culture.

Freitas says she would like to see college administrators take a role in expanding sexual education programs on campus.


First, hooking up and casual sex have been defined differently. Instead of courting at home under a parent's watchful eye, young adults left the home and were able to explore their sexuality more freely. The study spanned the first academic year at a residential college.

Archives of General Psychiatry. A health belief model perspective. In the behavior system, pre-college hookup behavior and marijuana use were risk factors for all three types of hookups. Hooking up, or engaging in sexual interactions outside of committed relationships, has become increasingly common among college students.

Correlates that differentiate college men.

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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. In the perceived environment system, women with a stronger social comparison orientation were more likely to engage in hookups involving receiving oral sex. Thus, participants were asked about engaging in specific sexual behaviors i.

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Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality. In first-time hookups, 31 percent of men and 10 percent of women reached orgasm; in last relationship sexual activity, 85 percent of men and hiv positive dating cape town percent of women reached orgasm.

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