Scorpio male dating virgo female Your Match: Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Scorpio male dating virgo female, the scorpio man is an enigma

I do appreciate to this person very much but I never ever felt in love with him anyway.

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Since that day, she has become distant, firstly she called everyday, then 1 time a week, and now she doesn't call, she eventually texts like 1 time a month. Puzzled words and dual statements irritate you as the imperfection around.

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She claims that when we argue. Regardless of the distance; I'm the one who always drove to meet him.

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He was always very secretive. The truth is she approached me first in a Resturant in the front of it's bar while I was getting a drink for myself and a friend ,we clicked instantly and the rest is history,you see I've been in 3 long term relationships and they were all Pisces before,but the level of respect and understanding I have with this girl is off the charts. He is mighty with a great personality, Loyalties, professional, and commitment are the power to draw me in close to him in the relationship.

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I met him in the JFK elevator, Boston two years ago. I'm surrounded by beautiful attractive and intelligent women, but only one will make this life better to spend it with forever and that's my physically Elegant and Eloquently speaking Virgo woman. We do not lie to ourselves Together as friends this duo can scale new heights and explore hitherto unexplored territory.

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Despite the fact that they appear to outsiders to have little in common, the relationship between a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman can be very strong. Virgo and Scorpio are very Loyal to each other. There are 10 astrological planets12 housesand the aspects and orbs between the planets at the time of birth, all of which can skew the expression of a Scorpio man's personality.

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They share a sweet relationship that is very tender with much warmth involved. Now I got a new boyfriend who is also a Scorpio man but he is more dominant I was born to be in love and hope to be settled with a Scorpio man.

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If your with a Scorpio man be aware they can be very decieving! He can appear to be emotionless, and unaffected, because of this I get very suspicious and always feel like he's hiding things from me.