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Seohyun yong hwa dating

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This is Where Friendship Starts 0 0. No need to make such a big deal or to make some rediculous rumor. They are not able to date or confirmed dating before turning Your email has been updated!

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Noooo that can't be, seriously!!!! I heard that this villa is strict in security.

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Let them choose what goes down. I don't think they're dating.

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And FYI, Taeyeon never said that these 2 are not dating. If you're referring to "Win Win" episode, Yonghwa never said about him not dating who.

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I have watch both yongseo and yongshin. YongHwa always crying and shout about seohyun I don't sure but Yong Hwa and Shin Hye just Friends I hope so because they looks so cute.

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Yeah they are so sweet. I don't what they have to make me feel crazy inlove with them together. Yonghwa choose seohyun over shinhye. Because after they end up their marriage in WGM, they still supporting each other and Yong Hwa dating loves her.

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Do you even know Yonghwa? The hosts asked her if she's ever been in a relationship at all to which Seohyun vaguely replied that she's had a "some" relationship in the past. And how can you explain that they are dating.

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They are not supporting each other.