She is dating me and someone else Is She Dating Other Guys Besides You?

She is dating me and someone else

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You sound too emotionally invested to be able to happily dial it back into the friend zone. She's now bootycall material, go online and get another one. Because it's going so well, I'm curious as to wether or not she is dating other people. So, I guess I'm ok then. At that point, I am completely committed to that one person.

She told me she's dating around, but wants to continue seeing me...

Since, I'm begininng to get emotionally invested, I dont want to have to deal with that. He's no good for her, but she feels for him immensely. He had about questions for me too. I've also seen it written in these forums by people of all ages and genders that you should keep dating multiple people if you want to date around awhile and not get serious, also one poster wrote she does that to make a statement "you don't own me.

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I live in Chicago in the her is dating me and someone else, so there are plenty of things to do, but in the meantime… so ya. But at the same time I never was proud of sleeping with someone else while I was waiting for him to come to me. It also helps to admit feelings when you have them.

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We went out on a second date, went great, I kissed her at her door steps a few time, we went our ways for the night. IMO, yes, go out and meet other girl. I don't think you need to volunteer the info to her, but you shouldn't hide it either. The third phone call was a grilling.

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We talked for a few weeks on the phone for many hours a night before we met. A week later both of our schedules me up and we go out again. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Oh hellyull yeah OP. I'm kinda blunt, and I just wind up asking to see if the guy is dating anyone else.

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But like you said, if she or I don't want to be exclusive it will end, so let's just let it develop and see where it goes. I was confused and crushed.

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I have never had gotten to this emotional point and had to deal with a girl seeing other people. However, I do eat "vegan" diet.

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Related Questions I really like a girl who is dating someone else. If I am totally casual about a guy and not interested in a real relationship, then I don't ask and don't care for a longer time. I'm going on dates this guy caravan hook up charger 2 months by now. This was a very helpful post Cendece.