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Spoken from a PUA with a life with single mom and having a girl of his dreams.

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Newsflash, make her win YOUR competition. She had mentioned that she was seeing someone else but they are both super busy for one another, which is why she accepted to go out with me. Join over 25, subcribers Download your FREE copy of Seduction Community Sucks now and get in-field videos, subscriber-only articles, and exclusive podcasts delivered directly to your inbox.

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You should be dating a bunch of chicks while your not serious, as should she Notifications You have no notifications. Log In Sign Up.

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Instead, when she glanced at me, I just smiled and continued to talk with my friends. Do you guys know what this means?

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Let her pay the next go round. It wouldn't change my actions, because I'm going to be consistent. This advice is no better than the Machiavellian Red Pill bullshit floating around on the Internet.


Age 32 Posts Signs She's Dating Other Guys Here are a few obvious tell-tale signs you should look out for in your girlfriend. If you hunt like this, the ladies you get are worth their weight in gold, they too do not take nonsense. I broke up with my GF a month ago or so because I was not comfortable with the relationship anymore.

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I guess what trips me up is why does she or anyone continue to see other people if they are feeling good about one particular person? And almost all of them have been started by her for snapping something insignificant, like not leaving the toilet seat up.

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I don't pretend to dating other guys a fence around my house, I do these things because they make my life better, ergo, they make me better. You can stop trying to persuade others, people are very different.


Sign up for free! Very sweet, very clever, always filled with weird quirky jokes.

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Ice ColdDec 8, It just tells me she isn't selective and jumps at whatever comes her way I'd rather know she's seeing other guys, hook up in owerri find out later down the road. Or that they desire to feel connected to a woman.