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Or, drinking - go down to boat quay. Or a tight-fitting cocktail dress and 5-inch heels.

Approaching a Singaporean for a date:

Join us on Facebook. How Active Are The Women? Our members are well educated, successful men and women who share a passion for life and travel.

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But the trouble is that spending time and money on your sanity is nowhere near as widely accepted as it is in more progressive cities. Testimonials I have met some very cool women that I wouldn't normally meet in my social circles.

However, you quickly learn a new set of dynamics are at play…. I have met a lot of people in Groups. Keep track of your favorite members, updates to their profiles and their online availability.

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Get your burger fix at these 8 specialists in Singapore. There are making money through online dating lot of expats, but all the locals are really nice as well. You decide to hike a volcano in Indonesia or run a marathon at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Now take the next step to become a member.

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On the other hand, single white males are the hottest, rarest item on the menu. All Right Reserved Powered by. Why would someone ever leave this paradise?

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In some of these cases, the expats were served with a fine, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousands. They can meet people - but finding people who share their broader set of interests is a challenge.

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Saying all of this makes it sound like I never dated in Singapore, which is not true. At work, management is dominated by men and women are generally soft-spoken. Some don't earn big money but are here to weather the recession back home.

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Singapore itself is super safe and has a great transportation system. Do other expat women here find the dating scene tough - or I hate to use the word - "competitive"? Singapore is ideal for new couples, families and men. Instead, you want try all the local flavors.

Meet your Neighbors in the Global Village. Not only does one have to furtively make logistical arrangements in order to get laid, the lack of housing and personal space means it's difficult to properly live together and let your relationship grow.