Sister dating my ex Dear Wendy: “My Sister Is Dating My Ex!”

Sister dating my ex, featured questions

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Glad we have such awesome contributors like you in this sub. My motivations are bad, I'm sister dating my ex centered, I'm horrible.

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Thats what everyone tells the wronged party to do in these situations. Or then again, maybe your sister does know? It's fucking weird all around.

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His motivations for getting involved with your sister seem questionable, at best. This is a very long period where he has been solidly entrenched in my family dynamic. Theres definitely a ton of regret right now, especially if this is what pushed him to shack up with my sister. This is about sisterly loyalty, not really your ex. Your past behaviour is irrelevant to what is going on now. Assign proper flair Relationships -issues in ongoing romantic relationships Infidelity -issues of actual cheating ON YOU that you have evidence for Breakups -immediate issues surrounding a break up.

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The Merry Cast of Characters you mention are all nuts, and as you have your own issues to deal with, keeping a distance from the Ex and family is a good idea. I know I can only control myself, but I need your help while I work on getting to a good place. Learn More Got It! I don't intend on trying to change my parents or my sisters mind because they will dislike me for it, but from my point of view this relationship is incredibly weird; not just because of how long he has known her or because she is my sister but because he broke up with me for good reason and jumped ship to my sibling for questionable reason and acted as if nothing has changed.

And she doesn't even know about the cheating?!

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What do you hope to gain out of talking to your ex? Your parents know this is weird but they are so grateful that one of you has found someone that they are turning a blind eye to the emotional upheaval this is causing.

It's an instant ban.

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My BestF hooked up with my new potential boyfriend that night because she said he was hot. No, fuck that, guarantee he's been nursing her crush on him for a long time.

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