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Posted On December 02, by vance kaopuiki. I stayed more along the backline and more touring production. The extremes may sound weird but you speed dating for guitarists also be able to hear which frequencies the control affects.

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These are really cool because you can dial in the frequency you want to control very precisely. Rather than trying to adjust the amplifier to the same settings or striving to make it sound like your old amp, stop and methodically explore what this new amp sounds like. Before you reach for the nuances of your sound, dial in a plain, basic version. Many variations to whatever sound you r looking for.

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Posted On December 02, by JohnZ. This is what I show every player,everytime,everyday,everyplace,get it,, do this and you speed dating for guitarists sound better and clear and need less volume on stage. Being new to using a Amp these steps of yours is like the holy grail for Amp users and a great start for beginners to Amplified music.

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Availability Product Type Vendor. Posted On December 02, by guy live. There are some significant advantages we gain as we become intimately familiar with a guitar amp and discover the settings that make it come alive for us.

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Posted On December 02, by Wayne Bolon. Posted On December 05, by Johnnie Henson.

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The sound is awesome. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate those guitarist who spent the time and patience to learn, understand and incorporate the knowledge of how their equipment really works. Limited-Time Offers, End in: Your Name Your Email. Finally, most EQ designs have some degree of interactivity between the controls.

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This was a great introduction article about guitar amps — what to do for me! Your lessons on different aspects of getting the best out of your equipment is outstanding. Step Two — Start by Looking for the Basic Recipe First While each of us has special nuances that set our individual sounds apart, there are many common characteristics we share with the generic mainstream tone. Our goal is to find that sound quickly, but to do it we need to start by doing the opposite. I have played guitar for years personal recreation and watch the pros on stage.

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Get these articles in our Newsletter. My setup is to go from guitar to the 57 Bassman pedal then into the amp whereas the Reverb pedal is patched through the loop through.

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With either my DC or my Ibanez AS semi hollow the tone sweeps can be quite significant especially with the gain on the Bassman pedal turned up. But I never clearly knew the actual process steps and why we did these things after we bought an amplifier. Effects and overdrive can make it more difficult to evaluate the gain structure, headroom and equalization systems you are working with, so start by going for a very clean, full-range sound without overdrive.

I have a Belair and use two Boss pedals with it: Strum or play a sustained note, then sweep the first tone control all the way down and up while listening to how it affects the sound.