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Z, Do I really need to have black people to be honest with me to tell me that Black kids bully Asian kids because Asian kids are relatively weak or perceived weak? It is much harder to fight the subtle discrimination than overt discrimination.

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I helped out the student with his forms. Please remember, we are not talking about institutional racism, we are talking about Asian racism toward Blacks which is individual, like the racism of Black toward Asiansits roots and psychology, we are talking about if this Asian racism is so unreasonable, unfounded and hard for people to be understand.

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But I do think that I can speak to the larger point. Well, certainly we could fill encyclopedia sized book with personal racist incidents. After I arrived in this country, I was surprised to find out that almost all the violent crimes reported on TV were committed in Black neighborhood by Blacks, not by whites; the Black neighborhood that I went to was scary; and most of all, there were a few times that the blacks I met outside of school were not very nice or even scary…… On the other hand, to a new arrival like me, White people were nicer than I expected, even nicer than my fellow Chinese in China on surface.

I agree that institutional racism is much hard to fight.

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It would be hard to make speed dating san francisco asian statements partly because the Asians comprise lot of different cultures, nationalities and economic background. However, if Puerto Rican society can somehow stop their criminals from committing these crimes, only then will they become acceptable to Asians. We hold the black parents responsible! Just because a person lives in the ghetto does not make them a criminal or violent.

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For example, we often are not treated nicely by Blacks when we go to a fast food restaurant, government offices, DMVs or a hospital reception desk if people who work there are mostly Blacks.

I try not to be paranoid but I think some powerful people actually try to pit different groups against each other to continue their hold on power.

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Skin color or shared culture do not make people any more complicit in the crimes of other people who share their color or culture. The chart, that link, stand up comedy etc.

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Piece this together for me. I only talked about one aspect of it and at very superficial level. They should be arrested and thrown into prison for their crimes.

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Generation of Asians were taught Whites are better. Native Americans are speed dating san francisco asian prejudiced against Whites too! On another note, if you prefer to meet someone in a more private and personal setting, feel free to contact Julia for more information.

People have been fired based on comments depending on how much noise or coverage it gets. This is something I realized, that Asians can be racist towards Asians as well.

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So if I were a new immigrant and someone was playing with me like this, I would easily and perhaps understandably think of this as an unpleasant experience, whereas Jamie never intended it as such. But I do believe he wrote that feeling threatened by Asians excelling in something important to him, Pro basketball.

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So I was quite sympathized with Black people in this country. Nothing else is comparable nor equivalent. This is where I think laws are important because you cannot just trust people to act out of the goodness of their heart always. Mayor Michael Nutter, spoke out loud about the same issues you raise, and he got swept under the rug by the media:.

Above I stated that the inverse is also true of blacks.

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I remember feel so bad about that. Jeff The chart is meant to be satirical and making fun of the braindead sections of the community.

And by portraying them on polar ends of the spectrum, they can prevent the two groups from forming coalitions, which could be a threat. I smell Chr bait!

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