Speed dating youtube mustang Speed dating youtube mustang

Speed dating youtube mustang

10th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

About the entry Entry Name. Rarely do depictions of women in American media give them any real power.

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Gender representation in American advertising still tends to be flat and relies heavily on stereotypes: If there continues to be a problem, please contact us at info shortyawards. Our brand positioning, "Live out loud," focuses on personal empowerment by showing women as individuals and not as a monolith.

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Media Video for Mustang Speed Dating. The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

Instead, we showed the world a woman who was comfortable with her beauty, brains and brawn.

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Inour strategic insight leads with the truth that women want more than just to not be stereotyped. The desired long-term results are both obvious and subtle. Like women in the real world, she's multifaceted in her personality and her talents. Contact the creator of this entry Fill out the form below and we'll work on connecting you to the entry creator!

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About this entry Female drivers are outnumbering male drivers for the first time ever—and Millennial-generation female buyers are outpacing Millennial male buyers by 53 percent. Share this Shorty Awards page. The demographics of the automotive market are shifting faster than traditional marketing can keep pace.

Furthermore, sentiment analysis showed that the content was indeed received favorably by women—and men. Tackling the myth of the bad female driver, we presented an image of a powerful, skilled woman pulling a driving prank on men when she is most expected to be traditionally feminine—a date.

The new Shorty Awards website was designed for the modern web.

Mustang Speed Dating

But when she unleashed the extent of her driving talents, she blew their expectations and gender stereotypes out of the water. Additionally, while paid support for this campaign was minimal compared to its earned traction, all speed dating youtube mustang distribution partners exceeded applicable engagement benchmarks.

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Once per day, we'll count an extra vote for you each time you share via Facebook or Twitter. Although we have tried our very best, you may encounter speed dating youtube mustang errors if you're using an outdated browser. Second, we expect to use our brand clout to contribute to a larger conversation about gender stereotypes with hopes of seeing shifts in those attitudes in both advertising and society overall.

First, we expect content such as this to resonate with women in a way that makes them feel favorably toward our brand, and to show that Ford is a brand for a person dating dating sites them.

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They want to be heard for who they are. Official categories listed below. The driver, Prestin, embodies Ford's modern woman: There was a problem submitting your vote.

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Why does this entry deserve to win? The early entry deadline is November 30, Ninety-eight percent of our Women consistently showed overwhelming support and excitement for the video through their social commentary and actions. Share this entry Contact creator of entry.

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