Stand up hook up shuffle to the door Double-Time Cadences

Stand up hook up shuffle to the door

Army Fitness

Bury speakers all around my toes. I'm an instructor at the Scuba School" Up in the Morning Up in the morning 'fore dawn I don't like it, no way Eat my breakfast too damn soon Hungry as a hound dog by noon Went to the mess hall on my knees "Mess Sergeant, Mess Sergeant feed me please! C rolling down the strip C rolling down the strip!

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This is a private website that is not affiliated with the U. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Everyone would be fit to fight, Whether you test them day or night. So I can rock with the Grateful Dead. Gonna run Gonna run!

Lights were shining up at me, Where, oh, where could I be? Eight miles Eight miles! If I die on the combat zone Box me up and ship me home. When I get to hell Satan's gonna say "How'd you earn your livin' boy?

2013 Military Fitness Workout: 30 Running Cadences of the U.S. Military

We ran the stragglers off the old drop zone, Everything is quiet and they're all gone. I'm an instructor at the Airborne School". Box me up and ship me home. Army Board Study Guide. Went to the mess hall on my knees. Get the mobile app now. If I die in the Spanish Moors.

1 2 3 4 Hey

To the sun To the sun! Lead the way Lead the way!

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Sound of Sound of! Female Height and Weight Standards. Military Jan 1st Number one Number one!

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Those that remained weren't fit to fight, So enemy contact was really light. Driving on Driving on! Gotta run Gotta run! I wanna be I wanna be! Five miles Five miles!

My reserve don't open, I loose my nerve! C Rollin' Down the Strip C rollin' down the strip 64 Rangers on a one-way trip Mission Top Secret, destination unknown They don't even know if they're ever coming home When my plane gets up so high Paratroopers take to the skies Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door My knees got weak and I hit the floor Jumpmaster picked me up with ease Tossed my knees into the breeze Count one-thousand, two-thousand, three-thousand, four My main opened with a mighty roar But if my main don't open wide I got a reserve by my side But if that one should fail me too Look out below I'm a-comin' through If I die on the old stand up hook up shuffle to the door zone Box me up and ship me home Pin my wings upon my chest And then bury me in the leaning rest Well if I die on a Chinese hill Take my watch or the commies will But if I die in the Korean mud Bury me with a case of Bud Saw an Old Lady Saw an old lady running down the street Had a cute on her back, jump boots on her feet Said, "Hey old lady where you goin' to?

Chuck No - orr - rr - iss Chuck, chuck, chuck he's the man! I heard a ringing in my head, It was the telephone, so I jumped from my bed. Traditional Elena Schloss Ella Blicker. Jesse James said before he died There's five things that he wanted to ride Bicycle, tricycle, automobile An M-1 tank and a ferris wheel.

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