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Polished transitional animations when a character goes from prone movement, back into Idle.

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Elo works by assuming that the same things that make me a good player, are the same things that make you a good player. I've said this for a while now, but a Gladiator, or SH or whatever should be worth multiple lesser ships. I'm pretty happy monoboating with badgers and bulldogs, but 6x os hit like a damn truck for sure. Of course the percentages for not using omnis star citizen matchmaking be drastically different. So matchmaking is throwing average players and new players together.

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There should be a damn PSA that states "you're not a better player just because you use a stick". That way the monoboaters still have their marksmen gameplay, at the risk of being severely punished through bad precision. I guess early access is a frustrating thing, but rewarding too, as long as you keep in mind you have to be in there for the long haul, and it can be a bloody long haul. Would it be possible to have the heat per shot generation work on an exponential increase system?

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So perhaps ballistics makes more sense. When he's called out on using only the current exploits, he says, "I just use the tools CIG gives me. Isn't Baior maining a mouse-and-omni Gladius these days? Want to add to the discussion? I would hate to lose that if I am star citizen matchmaking matched against similar skill players.

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Especially when you remember that CIG initially only planned REC for competitive ranked modes, or that they tried initially to withhold "limited" ships completely and then quietly introduce them for subscribers only. HuXa Vote Empire Report: Already have an account?

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I assume that these will allow newer players to get into AC without having to grind 50 REC per match by getting crushed by pros in the best gear.