Su 122 44 preferential matchmaking Is SU-122-44 worth it?

Su 122 44 preferential matchmaking

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The gun arc has never felt small, and even when I have to move, as long as I don't fire without pulling back I don't get spotted. However, there is a downside: The traverse is definitely the worst part about the tank, so planning ahead is required.

Did I want to throw my controller through the wall to the next room then burn the entire fucking place to the ground? If you are buying it to make credits you should know that you will not be making much.

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And with a 6. Too good to have special mm. I've found it to be very hit-or-miss. Don't downvote people just because you disagree with them. Panther — Tier 5 damage per minute coupled with su 44 preferential matchmaking 5 alpha average damage per shot and tier 5 speed, at tier 7!

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Tank carries hard at every tier, just shoot APCR and hit target. AMX M4 — No speed, armor, damage per minute, or alpha makes for a terrible tank. It does have good speed and camouflage, which are both universally useful.

As far as I can tell, no, it won't be harder, since there are plenty of existing special MM tanks already that can be bought and used for this purpose. Already have an account? Finding a slope or bump to reverse up to point your nose down can be useful. We are here for the free exchange of tips, strategies, player guides, how-to's, news, information, and discussion. So in tier 7 games the tank will shine, but in tier 9 games the tank is target practice. Search Advanced Search section: Usually I abuse my very good camo early game and clean up late game probably why my WN7 is unicum in the thing, but my WN8 is only great.

I've heard it described as noob-friendly which it is apart from Armour not great. Just behind the mediums is where you want to be, your alpha with their RoF is a nasty mix. ScumbagJuJu 15 Posted 03 October - When hull-down and with a little premium ammo, the T29 can square off against any tier 9 tank it will face.

Simply put, you can penetrate any tier 7 tank or lower with your gun from the front. Because the traverse of the SU is nerfed in comparison to PC, you will get circled by some tanks.

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Tiger P — The Tiger P one of the last tanks in the game to have truly effective armor. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. In that regard, a good argument could be made for not taking camo nets. Combined with high rate of fire, the gun can burn a lot of credits very quickly. The is fine as it is even with its tier 9 match making as there is nothing like taking down over confident tier 9 tank drivers with a tier 7 TD with poor pen if you dont want to make them crygold is always an option for this tank when you struggle one to one dating agency pen a tier 9 tank that way you can collect tiers as su 44 preferential matchmaking as silver and xp.

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Expect to get trolled by the gun to varying degrees, depending on what your luck as a player is like. Great gun depression and camouflage makes up for the lack of armor, but this tank is really all about the gun.

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Faster traverse means it's harder to be flanked by rushing scouts and mediums. Possibly after the next generation comes out the position on new pref MM tanks might change. Other than that its a great tank.

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The best tip and the only thing you should take from all this if you don't take away anything else is that you have to play this tank with a grain of salt. I would think that premium tanks are a fairly important part of WG income stream, so the removal of limited MM for new premiums may be just for marketing purposes.

I've had this tank on PC and now again for PS4. You can become a Patron and set up a monthly donation at: