T34 premium matchmaking Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

T34 premium matchmaking

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This topic Forums Help Files. Didn't say it was easy, but it does help. People might ask so what? That way rookie are stuf with rookie and good ,veteran play are playing together!!!

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Despite this, the Dicker Max is excellent at making Silver, just keep it at range and perhaps even consider slapping the Camouflage Net Equipment on it to help boost its sneakiness. So the RUDY version of the t has gun pen that's pretty much par with the rest of the tier 6 mediums with same full MM.

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It's the same as the IS-6, but with a camo skin. Back to Heavy Tanks. When compared to the mm, the mm gives you a faster reload time, better accuracy, higher DPM that is higher than many other tier 8 medium tanks, and better shell penetration that is on par with other tier 8 medium tanks.

You can become a Patron and set up a monthly donation at: A leap of faith. NeXL 7 Posted 01 September - So yeah, the premium tanks all have issues. Please turn JavaScript on and refresh the page. The tank premium matchmaking needs to fire gold rounds, which gives excellent credit making. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: Go from HP to The T is a Chinese tier 8 medium tank. About RBS Posts by this author I get sucked into tier 10 games in both of them far more than I care for.

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While the IS-6 firing premium ammo is good at winning games, the profitability goes down the tubes. This says the LTP does.

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Three Snowshoes 1 Posted 01 September - SuperSharpShooter 5 Posted 10 May - Thats why the super pershing is the best premium IMO. Being bottom tier in a tier X match already sucks, but man, get a premium in there like a T34 or a Lowe Sam Chandler Sam loves all things shooters, whether it's a cheeky chicken dinner in PUBG or diving into a raid in Destiny, he'll be there.

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It used to be the best of both worlds credit making and game winningbut premium ammo costs were significantly increased which cut into profit per game. Its called driving a tier 5 tank.

Hats off to you, fascist box tank. Never give up that's premium matchmaking makes this game so frustrating for some players at times is the fact half their team just dies without putting up a fight.

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Yes they do have more health, but they also have more armour and better guns meaning you'll probably die quicker. It should be played from the sideline and from behind cover or bushes, as it lacks any amount of noteworthy armor.

Plus, higher tier tanks love shooting lower tiers for easy kills.

T2 Light Tank

Because due to its extremely good pen, it doesn't need it. Just got this tank last week With the compact design of both the hull and the turret, being killed by being ammo racked and catching on fire can be a common occurance. It trolled people even a year after it's creation Published October 30, 1: View Source View history.