Taecyeon and gui gui really dating Jealousy Incarnate

Taecyeon and gui gui really dating

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I think Taecyeon was surprised by how little english she spoke It was like he was overwhelmed and the first episode was really funny and awkward. I watched this couple recently.

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But his sincere efforts to please her slowly won her over. This post was from 3 months ago.

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They are so awkward yet so cute at the and gui gui really dating time. That gives viewers a few days to get some tissues.

Global Edition," the international couple will travel to their farewell destination and say goodbye. I agree, love them and hope they get over the language barrier haha Make sure to watch the full episodes for maximum fuzzy awkwardness haha, the ones on youtube are cut a lot.

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To propose, he dressed up in a suit and tie, serenaded her with their song, and got on his knees. I agree with you about hongki and fuji mina, they match really well which makes it an easy and enjoyable watch and I love how playful they are.

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The final scene of "We Got Married: I think I always be your fan forever!: This is super awkward. I really love 2 of uu always make me happy and laugh and also sad when u make the emotion to each other!

Ok Taecyeon meets his We Got Married ex-wife Gui Gui after 3 years

They are genuinely trying hard to make this work and it is endearing to see their effort. OMG my stomach hurts.

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I think Taecyeon immigrated to the US and spent most of his teenage years there before starting a career in Korea. Yet they are so adorable together!!! At first it seemed as if the couple had too many obstacles to overcome.

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Wish I had a guy like Taec Oppa taking care of me to!! Gui Gui is so adorable and fun. In his interviews, he answers in English as well while she reverts to Chinese.

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But they ended up being able to work on this show together like professionals and give viewers one of the most akward-cutest WGM couples. I changed channel when they show Fujimina and Hongki. Taecyeon is the main rapper with the band 2 PM and has branched out into acting with the dramas "Dream High," "Cinderella's Sister" and the upcoming drama, "Who Are You?

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Although considering he has been speaking Korean primarily for years now its really weird hearing him speak english. At first I think she is so childish but once Fit romance dating kept on watch 15 ep over and over again. Despite speaking different languages and coming from different cultural backgrounds, the two had a lot in common.

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She is very childish and playful.