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But in the end we always go back to each other. On our 2nd month alone, I had a bad breakdown. He said he has dated plenty of tauruses dating gemini man but many he has got bored of on the first date,as they didn't allow him to talk much etc and this bored him so they never heard from him again. The sooner the better, because due to his intellect, charm and sexual appeal we think we are 'in love' and fall deeper each day. I like to cuddle and I am more sensual and touchy feely.

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This is SO undeniably accurate, that it compelled me to comment. Girls its my duty to save all my fellow Taurus girls! Your email address will not be published. Now I realise that he brings out the best in me and I am bringing out the best in him.

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You won't know where you stand with this manbut you will become addicted to his exhilarating ways. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but we rarely get into arguments, but when there is a taurus dating gemini man, we tackle them, and boy there will be fireworks since we're both stubborn.

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Not So Virginal After All! The only thing to know is how to tackle things and how to convince. Still, the fixed quality of the sign of Taurus can give them enough endurance and persistence to last in their intent to be with a Gemini, long enough for them to really get to know each other well.

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I am 20 years older and she has 3 small children so it will be fun and challenging. I know that would be the perfect match for both. I adapted to every one of her flaws brilliantly I swallowed my pride. I tend to occupy myself more with activities that keep me busy at home - as does she, she says anyway, but she has yet to exhibit this quality in the way her horoscope explains. If he develops feelings, he will surprise his partner with different places, presents and all sorts of creative spices to their dating life.

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Although I always prefered being single I wanted to give this a chance because I thought he was worth it. AND it doesn't get any better! Now 20 days away from the big day and we are still going strong, not even a sign of the usual procrastination. I usually follow and give in myself to others rather than control anything, accept whatever comes from others. This is true for all the signs. He is so passionate and really wants to please.

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We have been together 4 a month now. But forgiveness, compassion, truth, diligence have a lot to do to experience a great Love. To all you Taurus Girls out there. I'm just very down, right nowstill abroad doing interviews but nothing yet, I miss you so much I was feeling so fed up as he is so far away, and I feel he would be better to come home so I can support him through all this, but typical Gemini he has gone far away all alone to deal with this stress by himself.

The relationship was perfect for 6 weeks and then he fled.

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You know how the bull free hookup site like craigslist its foot before it charges? He has said, he cannot under stand how he can love someone he's not met and he says I'm unreal in a very real way his heart feels me.

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Send dirty txt, keep up on current events, sports or whatever he likes. I hav let him go forever!

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If both signs can actually tolerate each other while da same time communicating with each other while da same time come to an understanding. Mentally, Taurus with Gemini make a good pair; you have good intellectual compatibility. If I am asking you for sex a simple yes or no will do, the hard to get tactic will not make me swoon, men have absolutely no emotional affect on me.

Taurus is a sign that precedes Gemini. He keeps me in stitches laughing, then he peels every stitch off of me ever-so deliberately, like he knows he's supposed to be there. He initiated contact with me regarding reconciliation, he apologized for hurting me, I apologized for my errors as well.