Td matchmaking Matchmaking

Td matchmaking

It should come down to play who have.

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Pootchy 10 Posted 24 February - Say a good player fairly regularly loses internet for a couple of minutes. Has anyone else noticed the decline in credits per battle when compared to similar matches pre That's how almost every game goes.

However give players a potential timespan they can reconnect in and not get punished.

Or is this a stupid idea and I am missing something? Is important to value the effort in the match, like TaF said.

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Hey everyone, in this td matchmaking I would like us to discuss the future matchmaking system and share our ideas to hopefully inspire Lisk and Jules in a direction that we, the players, are interested in the game progresses to. If you lose a game and someone was afk or just making it very very very bad ofc you will lose and it can be frustating.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Solo-queue is a big mistake from my point of view, cause it's a teamplay gameand the solo queue bring only one thing "retard player playing alone for grind MMR without td matchmaking. WarRus87 5 Posted 23 February - Is it just some TD's that this happens to or what because this is honestly outrageous.

TaF has got good ideas. It works in following manner.

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In my opinion the easiest way to balance this would be to ensure, like SPGs, that the number of TDs is spread out more fairly between the two teams. This topic is locked. I like this idea.

Sign In Email address: The only issue with MM was and still is uneven tank layout and not tier 6 light versus tier 9s which is how you get better.

It doesn't try to weigh the tank tiers in both teams.

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I have had the same problem in my SU bit of a lower tier though and i always end up in Tier 9 battles with seemingly noob-ish team mates with the few and far between good player, and the enemy team is either utter garbage, or seems to be veterans of the game.