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I volunteer my time for anything that has to do with animals or the elderly. I enjoy the tell me more about yourself dating that was very random information, explain why you wanted to add that piece of information, and share WHY you enjoy the beach.

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And the "I'm not talking about myself" doesn't exactly help. Many seem to have had new years resolutions!

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I own 2 businesses, one is flipping houses, the other is a small retail business I run out of my home. I'm really curious about your reply. Secondly, I am in school. As for your message, you NEED to clean up the grammar or else a woman with intellect will not be interested. What amazes me is that so many women feel safe messing with guys heads.

And this has turned from "women don't write me back" to just plain disturbing. I am certain it is possible one may "feel" the two can be equated in the heat of the moment. First, I am honestly disappointed that people actually send those kinds of lame text messages. My two stepsons think of me as thier real dad.


I don't know what MOsh Pits is. Not even a thank you. One word replys and no leading questions to further conversation.

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I just had a three word reply following up a mention of an amazing animal story. Should they share a chronological timeline of all their previous jobs, or just highlights from their most recent one? I particularly like Escape the fate, Maroon5 and I find the party stuff interesting party stuff? And while some facts may be more relevant than others, if you feel like a stalker knowing information about him that hasn't yet made its way into the conversation then don't freak out and ruin the date.

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Being turned down or blown off? Wildoutdoorguy, Do you really believe that a woman that is assaulted 'caused' her own assault because she might have "played mind games"? You dont need to get sucked into that whirlpool of damage.

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How does a person answer the question, "Tell me something about yourself? It's just how it is. Do they really expect you to send a long, detailed reply text where you really tell them about yourself? Fancy yourself as an agony aunt?

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Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? The most dreaded of all get-to-know you questions, whether on a job interview or a first date, is the vague "So tell me about yourself. Maybe they went to the same college, belonged to the same fraternity, or once worked for the same company as you.

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At some point, you will want to find out about the other person's dating past and why he is on the market. At some point I began to think that p. How far should they go back in their work history?

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Apparently you've been asked that a few times and most of the people didn't write back afterwards.