Th350 vacuum hookup how to get vacuum for th350?

Th350 vacuum hookup

Not a trani guy at all. Switch to Threaded Mode. The carb sees the same total vacuum as the manifold eventually at wide open throttle but it is retarded vacuum hookup at part throttle due to the size of the passages inside the carb.

At vacuum hookup I think it is called a vacuum line Do I need to run a hose from the gold looking thing with the green square to the hole on my intake with the red circle?

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It definately is the Th What is a modulator line? What size is the line from the vacuum modulator? Note that passwords are case-sensitive. They looked at it and said the vacuum line should be connected to a vacuum port directly on the manifold, ie. Also, what about the valve that connects to the valve cover EGR? I guess the question I have is I want to make sure I hook up the right lines, to the right places.

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That is for the PCV valve. TH Vacuum Modulator Line. The latter is how GM did it. BB code is On.

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I am aware that this Thread is rather old but I still want to make a reply. Aug 27, 9. Chrysler Forum Chrysler Forum cForums. You are using an out of date browser. Hybrid Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode.

I stopped at the transmission place that rebuilt my transmission about a year ago. Quote message in reply? Mine is currently connected online dating in sweden the carburetor base plate.

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When there is engine vacuum on the modulator, the hydraulic pressure to the governor is reduced, and the governor finds it easier to overcome the hydraulic pressure to open the shift valve, so earlier shifts are selected. Is there less manifold vacuum from the carb full vacuum port then directly at the manifold?

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Drilling a hole in an intake runner or using a non-ported vacuum connection to the carb is your two obvious choices. Yes your right it is a cable detent switch. The third hole should be the oil fill hole. There are differning opinions on where to hook up the vacuum advance line.

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The "gold looking thing" is the Vaccum Modulator The back of the carb has a larger port for power brakes. Threaded Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. Do I need to connect that or can I use a breather. Originally Posted by bryanw80 To much work to just get a vacuum source.