The prime minister is dating ep 1 eng sub The Prime Minister and I (2013)

The prime minister is dating ep 1 eng sub


Prime minister and I are off to a great start. It is being funky - I am getting occasional errors also, which usually indicates an error in the php code that the server does not like.

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Coupling those traits with her crazy imaginations and just the right amount of bubbliness without getting annoying, i give yoona credit forI think that makes her character very watchable. Da-jung wakes the next morning to the sound of frantic knocking at her door.

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Does anyone else thing he looks like a younger, less athletic So Ji-sub? She snaps photos of the cozy-looking pair, and then gasps when Yul photobombs her money shot, having heard the clicking of her camera nearby.

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Have to check out the comments at viki. Da-jung wonders what their small entertainment tabloid publication would gain from chasing after a politician. I so love to see that he isnt only stuck playing "cute innocent.

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To that, Yul sums it up in a few words: And in the elevator, Da-jung wonders if little Man-se had anything to do with the prime minister-elect agreeing to the interview after all.

His female junior worries me a bit. I liked how the Japanese sounded He issues Da-jung a final warning not to appear before him again if she wants to remain a reporter.

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Da Jung is rather cunning. I like it warm, lighthearted and easy to watch.

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I enjoyed it a lot!! She pretends to be a curious Japanese tourist, and In-ho humors her by replying in Japanese and displays his impressive fluency in foreign languages until he guesses that Korean is likely most comfortable for her. I'm also looking forward to Da Jung's interactions with the kids and although it's still early, I'm readying my heart for some warm heart tugging moments when those scenes air.

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An imagined Matrix style fight scene points to a more tense and hostile relationship between them. I've been waiting for this. Wow episode 2 was even better!!!