The prime minister is dating kiss scene The prime minister is dating kiss scene

The prime minister is dating kiss scene


So I held onto the hope that if we must wade through forty-five minutes of angst in the finale, then at least the last fifteen minutes will be puking happy unicorns and rainbows for our main couple. Try to watch on a full stomach because food is always featured and tends to be very tempting.

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I really like the Prime minister's choice to be so rational, saying that she is still going to be the mother of their kids, but not her wife anymore. Orion January 8, at 4: In SF we still have a long way to go before the final episode is shown.

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I loved him in Rooftop Prince. I guess dramas are a bit more conservative unless if it's from the cable channel. Really don't know why more ppl aren't watching this.


Yul's hug seems so much more genuine. A Thousand Kisses comes to mind again It's mainly two episodes focusing on the relationships between the four main characters.

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And then the big kiss--or Da-Jung pregnant last scene. His character feels so wonderfully layered, especially when compared to Joon-ki, who continues to be the straight villain fixated on his revenge plan.

Which is not to say the threats aren't genuine in the circumstances posed, but it's nice to see that one domino doesn't necessarily make all the others explode into salty scandal makjang tears. He walks back to his study where he takes out the bow hairclip from his pocket.

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I will wait until next epi then, let's hope it's a good one!!!!! I loovees this drama and OTP Neither Yul nor Da-Jung are kiss first, get to know each other later type people.

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Seung Jo needed the time to process his feelings, but the hug when he admitted them to Oh Ha-ni was game over.

She gets her man back and her kids!

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Yul asks jokingly if Joon-ki would be able to if he thought about everything he did. Thank you for the recaps.