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Tiny toons dating

Just then, Fifi is seen searching for her dream boy where she sees Calamity and mistakenly thinks he is about to fly into her heart, only to miss.

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Suddenly, Calamity turns around to see that Fifi is also in the cage and she begins to kiss him a lot. How she got in the cage is a mystery. Buster tells her that he's the host and she can tiny toons dating date one of the three Bachelors who are around the corner.

When he sees Beeper, he changes the cage back into a robot female roadrunner, However, Beeper isn't fooled and uses the same remote to turn the robot from a female road-runner into a female coyote, causing Calamity to fall for the trap and get trapped inside the cage. Monty says he's not and plans to buy the network so he can cancel the show. Beeper laughs at Calamity while running backwards, not looking where he was going, causing him to run into the parking meter and fall onto the pit of tar and feathers.

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Babs then suggests that they should try "The Dream Date Game. In his last attempt, Calamity buys and builds an Acme Zap Trap, which is a robot version of a female Road-Runner, but with the press of a button, turns it into a cage. Later, Calamity is seen with boxes of Tar remover, which wipe the tar off of his body, cleaning him once and for all.

As Fifi wraps him up with her tail and looks into his eyes upside down, she asks him the big archaeology absolute dating, "Will you be my boyfriend? While doing that, Beeper appeared in the cage and blew a raspberry at Calamity and left the cage.

He then asks her if she ever saw the show before, to which she says, "No", then she jumps and hugs him again. As he says this, Babs, dressed like Vanna Pink, comes by and dresses Monty as a rabbit.

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Luckily, her smell melts the cage and he is able to escape from her again by slipping out of her coils. Buster stops the show and asks Elmyra what kind of question she asked, as it makes no sense.

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Calamity decides to leave, only to step on a bowling pin, which causes him to fall into the Tar, covering his body. When she asks the whereabouts of the dream skunk, Calamity shakes his head, "no," making Fifi sad at being alone again as she walks away in tears. After Babs is finally ready, both she and Buster left her burrow, only to realize that their date is over, since it took Babs hours to found the right outfit, and Babs says goodbye to Buster.

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Retrieved from " http: The cartoons ends with Buster, Babs, and Elmyra blowing kisses to the screen. But just as Buster was about to suggest the last one begMontana Max appears out of nowhere and complains that the whole dating episode is the worst ideas ever and that they should do something else, something with action and danger.

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Elmyra is happy to hear this, and asks Bachelor number three if he is a bunny with a fluffy tail and long ears. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Back in the tiny toons dating room, Buster is tiny toons dating to have a nice conversation with Babs' father who is shown to be a monster-type rabbitonly for Buster to inadvertently insult him for his height.

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Buster says, "No, they're not Bunnie At the moment he sees her, Calamity tries to escape, but thanks to the tar, he is stuck, and Fifi leaps onto him. Sign In Don't have an account?