Tips for dating someone with ptsd Dating Someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tips for dating someone with ptsd

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Unfortunately, with PTSD nothing fades. Support us on this journey.

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Thus go ahead with dating a person suffering from post traumatic stress disorder only if you are sure that you share some abiding, common interests and enjoy being with each other. Post traumatic stress disorder or post traumatic stress disorder is a psychological condition brought on by exposure to or confrontation with an experience which involved actual or threatened death or at least serious physical injury and which the person found highly traumatic. Understanding the process of a triggering event, the psychic reaction to trauma, the warning signs and symptoms of PTSD, and available treatment options for PTSD allows you to tip for dating someone with ptsd recognize, support and guide your PTSD loved one toward diagnosis, treatment and healing.

Contrary to the ways we might behave when you intervene, somewhere inside we do know that you are not the source of the problem.

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Likewise being informed about medications for post traumatic stress disorder will help you to understand side effects and contraindications. Be patient with us; we often cannot stop the anger, tears or other disruptive behaviors that are interracial dating sites login difficult for you to endure.


Knowing about the condition will not only help you to correctly identify if your date is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder but will enable you to avoid behavioral and verbal cues which trigger off remembrance of traumatic experience in your partner. Share this with friends!

If you believe that the person you are dating is suffering from the condition, here are few things to keep in mind. This is not how it works.

PTSD makes communication difficult.

PTSD is an exaggerated state of survival mode. We need you to be clearheaded, pulled together and informed. It is not possible to endure trauma and not experience a psychic shift. In our post-traumatic state, it makes a difference to know that there are people who will stand by us. Sometimes, simply getting up and continuing our daily routine is the biggest step toward recovery we make. So unless you begin spending a lot of time together, you may not even suspect that your date has post traumatic stress disorder. While most are able to cope in some way or other, some are unable to process the emotions in the right way and end up developing post traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD makes communication difficult. Because of surging chemicals that reinforce every memory, we cannot walk away from the past anymore than you can walk away from us.

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Thus you need to be understanding when you see your partner exhibiting nervousness, irritability, antsy movements or erratic behavior on a date. PTSD creates a great sense of isolation. It is likely that your date will not want to talk about the incident for fear of re-experiencing the painful emotions associated with it.

Now is the time for empathy, compassion and patience. Accept our need to evolve. The most common symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder include reliving the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, emotional detachment, sleep abnormalities like insomnia, avoidance of reminders and extreme distress when coming across such reminders of the incident.

Do not rush us. We act out accordingly in defense of those feelings we cannot control. It takes a tremendous effort to live with PTSD.

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