Top ten signs youre dating a high maintenance girl 12 Signs Your Girl Might Be High Maintenance

Top ten signs youre dating a high maintenance girl, 12. she squints her nose in disgust if your car is not sparkling clean, inside and out.

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You only use it to look good and make things around you look good. Take note if she's entirely self-serving—only befriends people who can boost her status—or if she serves others in some facet. That means awkward, uncomfortable, sometimes hurtful conversations come up.

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I Hate High Maintenance Girls. Dont glorify them as being thoughtful and sensible, they want to impress people with looks they bought because they have noithing else to offer.

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Depends on the mood i'm in. I'm your soothsayer, your truth-bearer. December 2, at 5: Together, you will have free dating call sites. I'm not talking about the guys who wear threadbare clothing or mismatch colors or whatever-- we need to be called out when we do things like that.

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She is a controlling, domineering, mentally abusive woman that needs to get dumped if she can't treat you better. March 25, at 9: When you're still riding out the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you probably spend most of your time together.

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This not only demonstrates high levels of maintenance, it shows that she's basically an irrational idiot too. And since I don't fit any of those categories I do deserve to be treated better. She left and that was right.

11. She has a tiny foo-foo dog that she carries in her Louis Vuitton bag.

Every guy who can afford to spend a lot of money wants a high maintenance girl! For 3, sometimes I get nervous at social events especially if I don't know anyone.

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To me, high maintainence just sounds insecure and snobby. I will leave it for some foolish businessman to pick up and marry my leftovers.

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Search for someone who isn't so shallow about appearance, how they look in their social group. Oh and for those who worry about being drunk if they drink wine, a, you can get drunk on any alcohol not just expensive wine b, adding soda to make a spritzer in white wine makes a lovely refreshing long drink, again costs lesslasts longer and prevents being drunken states.

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