Valentine ii matchmaking Is the Valentine II worth buying?

Valentine ii matchmaking

Valentine II Overview

Small Repair Kit - always. All things considered, the following equipment are recommended: EricBlack 10 Posted 19 July - But other than that, its armor is invalidated speed dating events south london tank destroyers and SPGs are present. Being limited to tier 4 games means there will be few HE derp gun around, so a spall liner would be a wasted slot. On paper, the Valentine 2 has an armor thickness of 60mm on the front, sides, AND rear.

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These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Hard to spot while on the move.

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When you push a flank, it is entirely possible that you valentine ii matchmaking be unable to defend your base, should it be capped. It also has good HP, meaning it can withstand a good amount of beating. This isn't a fast tank, so you probably won be leading the pack. Requires prammo but not necessary. Tank Inspector gives a slightly different dmp and reload time than what I calculated based off of the in-game stats.

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Tips and recommended play style 3. I've bought and sold it twice. Hills will take a while for you to clime, so if possible, avoid them, and push along flat ground instead.

Valentine II with additional armour, registration number T. Most places in your turret is well-armored. Smooth ride makes shooting on the move more bearable.

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Surely the Russians had to have a better gun than this on it? B E Maus E Coupled with great all-round armor, this allows it to take a great beating before it goes down. For a light tank, the Valentine II also has a noticeably slower acceleration due to its weaker engine, which can hinder your overall mobility.