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Hunters are not only willing to look someone in the face and kill them, but they enjoy it! I would not date a girl who doesn't eat meat. I have the right to grow and change! It is not a sport but rather a lifelong pursuit of game management tactics. When people categorize groups of people due to association you miss a lot of nuances to an issue.

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An edited transcript of the chat is below. Originally Posted by David3 The real conflict will emerge if the two of you have children. They seem to not focus on the violence.

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If hunters didn't exist, would natural areas that are being preserved would disappear? Can you live with this person whole your life in case he doesn't change and keeps hunting?

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I can't leave a long reply right now, but I went through pretty much the exact same thing! It could be the question that becomes the pebble in the shoe.

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Yes, he is very accepting of my vegetrianism, if he wasn't I doubt we would still be together. By hunting one is introducing more cruelty into the world I mean just by committing the act.

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Uncle Fortescue just rolled over. If I can't accept it, I should vegan dating a hunter. Maybe he was trying to wind you up with the Bambi thing but maybe he was just not thinking or didn't realise you'd be so hurt by it. Or if they figured out that his vegan girlfriend was the one who convinced him to give up hunting?

That seems like a pretty asshole thing to do.

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Reply Page 1 of 2 1 2. I was just linking to their FAQ to demonstrate that ducks are not overpopulated, and many of DU's members express the desire to kill predators to increase duck populations which DU officially disagrees with, but the fact that it is part of their FAQ is demonstrative of the mindset many hunters have.

But I certainly understand how seeing someone take joy in the killing can be emotionally jarring, but from the animal's point of view, this way of dying is better than in a factory farm. David3 is online now. Dennis Byrne, Proprietor by Dennis Byrne posted vegan dating a hunter at My roommate is a former hunter gone vegan.

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Even though they kept the meat and ate it. I am a Hunter and I Married a Vegetarian! It also encourages the environment to be conserved and utilized for hunting vs being stripped mined for coal or drilled for gas. We consider ourselves friends with benefits, which, despite all the horror stories, is a label that mostly works for us. I think they just need to learn more about how hunting can be very cruel, about how people don't need to eat animals, about how the environment works better when humans don't interfere so much, about how the tradition of compassion is more natural than the tradition of killing